Research Data Center

The Research Data Center Wissenschaftsstatistik provides data and information on research and development (R&D) in Germany and on the development and start-up culture of universities.

Data Offer

Research and development (ongoing)
Research and development activities of German companies, in particular internal and external expenditures for R&D, R&D staff by type of activity and gender, regional distribution of research facilities, innovation activity of the company and key business indicators. Core indicators are available from 1995 onwards.

Hochschulbarometer (ongoing)
An annual survey by the Stifterverband and the Heinz Nixdorf Foundation on the current situation and development of universities from the perspective of their management. As an expert vote, the Hochschulbarometer supplements the data from the German Higher Education Statistics.

Gründungsradar (ongoing)
The start-up culture at universities in Germany is examined, in particular the dimensions of start-up awareness, qualification and support as well as institutional anchoring. It also looks at start-up activities, i.e. the output of efforts to promote start-ups, networking, monitoring and evaluation activities.

Forum Hochschulräte (completed)
The survey is part of the project Forum Hochschulräte and provides an overview of attitudes and views of university councils at German universities in 2018. The data provides an overview of the current state and to identify future challenges from the perspective of university councils in Germany.

Transferkompass (completed)
The Transferkompass provides an overview of transfer activities at German universities in 2022. Data are available from a university survey on the strategic anchoring of transfer activities at universities.

Service Offer

The RDC advises on data selection, data access, data handling, analysis options, coverage and validity of the data. On request, the RDC can also assist in the analysis of microdata (e.g. creation of indicators on the basis of the original data set, which are then made available in anonymized form).

Data Access Mode

The data (SUF) can be accessed via a guest researcher workstation in Essen, Germany, or remote data processing after concluding a user agreement. The use of the data is limited to scientific purposes and is subject to a fee. There are special conditions for non-funded theses (e.g. in the context of a master's degree or a doctorate). Completely anonymized Campus Use Files (CUF) are offered for teaching purposes. Requests for commercial (non-scientific) data use should be addressed to: